Bring me with yooou, we can be bad together

Yeeeeees we need to do this! Play tennis, suck together, and get some freeeesh air! If you need a racket, you can probably borrow one of my family’s! 

watching all these sports anime makes me wanna pick up tennis again, but I haven’t played in like 7 years so how bad can i be??? probably super bad.


To be honest, my Katanagatari experience can be summed up as “getting introduced to a new character, getting attached to said new character, and watching said new character die.”

ペダル2 by あくつみ
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I colored it :^o


Made a redraw of this picture!


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john drinkin' red koolaid accidentally in front of karkat




accurate karkat characterization gives me life

you goddamn fruit cup


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someday i’ll be able to draw their outfits right


i’ve wanted to do the anime redraw thing for ages so i finally did it today!!

screen is from katanagatari and i totally just screenshotted it out of the tag so sorry if it came from your GIF 

got kind of lazy towards the end ufff i’m still kind of a noob at painting